Full-time Java programmer

Back-end development is my passion

I have solid experience in J2SE, Image recognition software, TCP/IP and UDP networking, OpenGL, Swing/AWT/SWT
I'm also familiar with Python, Lua, PHP, SQL, Unix shell, Web trio (HTML, CSS, JS), C#, Groovy and a few more things

I'm really into game development and learning new things


My Github

Spin Deluxe - A single-player puzzle game written fully in Java

dg-pic - Simple screenshot storage
Storage website, desktop client written in Python + wxWidgets

MMO - Opensource 3D MMO-game under development built on top of jmonkeyengine and custom networking library
screenshots, github,old client repo, old server repo

dglserver - Simple HTTP server, running both dg-pic and dg-lab, mostly powered by Spark, Jython and jade4j

I also have a lot of side projects, most of them are rather small or unfinished. Do not hesitate to ask if you want to see some of them


Skype - kartemov.

Mail - gmail

VK - Kirill Artemov